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Stock Market Basics

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Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options


Selecting A Stock Brokerage

Selecting Investment Accounts

How Much Should I Invest ?

What Should You Invest In?

What Makes A Good Investment?

How to Select and Screen for Stocks

Common Investment Strategies

Executing Your Stock Trade

Mistakes Made by New Investors

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Alberta, Canada


Alberta, Canada


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 Alexa Geary

I had almost $20K just sitting in my bank account apparently fading away to inflation (as I learned in this course). I knew that generally people invest but I didn’t know how to start let alone what stocks to buy. This course not only showed me how to do everything I had no clue about but it also set me in order to be self sufficient when it comes to investing. Imagine not relying on the banks or some advisor to take care of your money, empowering! =) 

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Jordan O​​​

I had money invested with one of the major banks, they had my money in mutual funds which were doing just fine, they were giving strong returns! HOWEVER the management fee every year was 2%, that was my problem. They were charging me $2,000 plus per year just to manage my money! After going through the course two or three times, I opened a couple of my own accounts and transferred every cent the bank was managing into these accounts. I did some research and bought ETFs which were nearly identical to what I was invested in and now I’m paying less than 0.1% yearly fees on the ETFs! Saving thousands just like that!

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Olivia Williamson

I know this course was designed for Canada / U.S but I figured I would give it a shot anyway (I’m from the UK and Dave said I would get a refund if the information wasn’t useful). 95% of the course was applicable to me even though I was across the globe and to be honest with you, it completely changed the game for me. My investment accounts are going from zero to hero fast hahah!

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Malik Lewis

Investing was supposed to be pretty easy because the markets seemed like they were going straight up, I actually bought some fun stocks like Game Stop which were doing just that! During the peak of the run up my portfolio was 65% in the green after a matter of a couple months but I got greedy and didn’t sell. Before you know it my whole portfolio was under water and red as hell (4 individual stocks), I sold everything and completely pulled all my money out of the stock market. Fast forward months later, I found this course at Finance Resolved and actually have a pretty nice foundation setup. I have mostly ETFs and dividend paying stocks which is a lot less stressful than playing with those hype stocks! I still miss the rush of making crazy trades but honestly I think my future finances are going to thank me with this steady approach.

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Meet Your Coach

I’m Dave, the founder of Finance Resolved

I have been investing for over 10+ years now and my investing knowledge has been developed through planned learning and real life experience with

  • Stock Market Trading

  • ETF and Index Fund Investing

  • Options Trading

  • Purchasing of Real Estate and Investment Properties

  • Selling Products Through E-Commerce - Amazon FBA

  • Social Media Growth

My expertise reaches far past strictly investing;

I deal with budgeting, accounting and tax preparation, I have founded my own corporation and overall have a well rounded financial related knowledge base.

I deal with budgeting, accounting and tax preparation, I have founded my own corporation and overall have a well rounded financial related knowledge base.

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